A Moron In A Hurry

July 19, 2006

YouTube or YouScrewed?

Filed under: Uncategorized — nick @ 9:55 am

I never realized this before reading this post on Wired, but YouTube’s Terms & Conditions grants it the right to use and distribute (royalty free of course) any material you upload to the site however it wishes.  Also, it seems as if MySpace is in the process of changing its terms of use.  Any time I see somthing like this, something that I’m sure someone would have noticed and mentioned before, I turn to the Wayback Machine to double check for any hanky panky.  What does it say when a company blocks the Wayback Machine from keeping tabs on companies making sneaky changes to their Terms & Conditions?

If anyone knows whether YouTube’s terms have been changed recently or have always been this way, please let me know.


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