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October 27, 2006

How Much Is Too Much

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A thought:  at what point does downloading too much music go from being an aficionado to be obsessive?  Is 90,000 songs too much?  An interesting anecdote from Wired discusses this.  Purchasing music solely for enlarging one’s library may have bad consequences for art/culture (the work itself becomes worth less), but I’m not sure that this kind of thing is any different than what came before digital music.  Sure, one’s record collection no longer confined to how big their apartment is, but rather how big my hard drive is, or confined by cost, since there’s always p2p and piracy, but are there really that many people who are so obsessive about music now that they wouldn’t have bought the CD or vinyl equivalent of 90,000 songs back in the day?

Assuming that the low costs of owning music (purchasing and storage) are actually enabling people to fulfill unrequited desires of building massive collections that can complement any mood, guest, or situation, what does this mean for the status of the artist?

If you would like, please share how many songs are in your library.  I’m rocking it out with 4754, which gets me 13 days without hearing the same song twice.


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