A Moron In A Hurry

June 4, 2006

Major Murphy and the DMCA

Filed under: copyright, DMCA — nick @ 8:11 pm

Whether it can be attributed to Murphy's Law, or perhaps I think Hanlon's Razor, the IEEE Spectrum reports on a whole host of useful technologies and projects which were abandoned because of the legal restrictions imposed by the DMCA. This is just the latest in a series of reports that condemn the DMCA, whether because of the chilling effects of DMCA take-down notices, the problems it creates for search engines, or simply because its just a bad law from front to back. DMCA's supporters no doubt praise its effectiveness, but they are also in the business of propaganda and protecting profits at all costs. Hopefully members of Congress will take heed of these reports before ramming another insane copyright bill down our throats. Though it's difficult to compete with the lobbying budgets of the big content companies, they and Congress should at least offer the public a reach around in the form of some sort of concession towards protecting consumers through ensuring interoperability of formats and devices, for example.


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