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January 9, 2007

The Frypod

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It’s been a while since Apple has sought to reserve the use of “pod” all for itself, so I thought I’d try and fan the flames since it makes for some good entertainment, if you are of that sort.  While home over Christmas, I had an enjoyable meal at Burger King with my kid brother following some frantic last minute shopping on Christmas Eve.  I was treated to see this come with my order:

Burger King’s Frypod

Alas, it played no music when I plugged my headphones into it, but my confusion was soothed by the tastiness of this pod’s contents.  It’s even funnier to think that the “Frypod” also sounds like “iPod.”  Confused minds may disagree about whether this little dandy tread’s on Apple’s “pod” turf, but I get a kick out of seeing the word “pod” plastered on anything.

Have your own “pod” sighting?   Well please, send it in.


November 6, 2006

Perfect Pod Coffee

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There people go again using “pod” as some sort of generic term for personal portability enabling device.  This time it’s Perfect Pod, which “lets you create self-contained, single-use pods for use in virtually any coffee machine.”  Another Apple “pod” suit in the works?  Funny enough, this product seems to be the anti-Apple:

Sure there are many machines out there that use the single-use pods, but they’re all one-cup systems and vary the pods enough so you can only use the manufacturer’s own pods in the machine. And what if you are attached to a favorite brand of java, like Starbuck’s or Dunkin’ Donuts? Make it easy by making it in advance. Make it disposable. Make it in the perfect strength. Make as many cups as you want with one pod. Make it your favorite blend. Make it Perfect Pod.

Apple’s FairPlay certainly does make their pod less than perfect and I’m not sure who’s going to confuse coffee with digital music.

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