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June 4, 2006

Net2Phone Sues Skype Over Patent

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Net2Phone has filed suit against Skype for patent infringement. The patent, number 6,108,704, purports to cover a point-to-point internet protocol that allows one computer to tell whether another is online and then allows them to connect for the transmission of data. Sounds pretty vague, eh? Only a few weeks ago the Supreme Court sided with eBay, which bought Skype in 2005, over MercExchange's infamous "Buy It Now" patent, ruling that injunctions should not be issued automatically whenever a patent is found to be valid and infringed upon. It follows that the court hearing this case will then consider whether Net2Phone has suffered "irreparable damage" and whether money damages are an adequate remedy before issuing the injunction that Net2Phone seeks against Skype to halt its business (or more likely to exact a hefty licensing fee). However, Net2Phone may have a leg up on MercExchange because it appears to that it may actually be using its patent, elevating it above the dubious label of patent troll and making it slightly more likely an injunction could be handed down.

You can read Net2Phone's complaint against Skype here.


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